Classy See-Through Bra (Lula Lu)

Classy See-Through Bra (Lula Lu)

Brand: Lula Lu
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Classy See-Through Lingerie for Small Breasted Ladies (Lula Lu)

- Classy and Elegant look.
- Very sexy where your nipples peek out.
- Satin straps design flowing upwards gives it a cutting-edge modern design.
- Cups are made of comfortable sheer, stretch fabric.
- Underwire
- Straps are adjustable
- Double row, three column hook/eye closure
- Material: 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.

Founder of Lula Lu was frustrated finding bras that will fit petite women.
Finding 32AAA or 32AA bra sizes in the departmental store was like finding a needle in a haystack.
Ellen Shing then started Lula Lu with the tagline “small is beautiful”. Today Lula Lu is known as a great lingerie brand for petite women.

Who says small-breasted ladies can’t be sexy?
Lula Lu’s bras are great for small-bust women, covering your chest so perfectly it leaves no gaps.
Many of their designs incorporate the usage of stretch lace which adds that sexiness and feminine finishing touch. 
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classy looking peek a boo bra
Sizes will fit: 32AAA, 32AA, 32A, 34AAA, 34AA, 34A, 36AAA, 36AA, 36A, 38AAA, 38AA, 38A