Push Up Bra That Hides Your Armpit Fats (Orlinas)

Push Up Bra That Hides Your Armpit Fats (Orlinas)

Brand: Orlinas
Product Code: Timeless809Cream
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A Push Up Underwire Cup Bra that Hides Your Armpit Fats (Orlinas)

When it comes to bra that hides your side armpit fats, nothing is better than Orlinas.
All of Orlinas bra designs are known to provide super lift, strong push up with super comfort that is perfect for everyday wear.
The inner cups are made of 100% cotton which allows your breast skin to breathe comfortably.
This bra comes with a special magnetic stone in the middle which helps with your microcirculation.

This Orlinas bra comes with a “3 part underwire cups” which channels the fats to your bust instead of the underarm, stomach or back. 

- Lightly padded
- Wide wings at the back which hides any additional fat. This makes you look slim and sexy even from the back.
- Wider straps as compared to normal bras.
- The straps help to maintain a perfect posture throughout your upper chest area which gives this bra a perfect touch.
- Underbust band is wider to once again provide the push up that is needed.
- Straps are adjustable and removable.
- Side seams are 5.5" tall for better side support  
- 3- row and 5- column hook-and-eye back closure providing unparalleled back support 
- Cups Material: Luxurious Lace, LYCRA T400 fiber.
- Wings Material: Nylon/Lycra spandex.
- Inner Cup lining Material: 100% Cotton.

Size tip: this is a shape bra and band is one size smaller than department or VS bras. Please go up one band size.


Customer Reviews
I chose my size by being properly fitted at a well know bra shop in my area. I wear a 38DDD and so I ordered the appropriate size from Orlinas. When it arrived and I tried it on and it fit. About the only thing I would like different about the bra is that the straps be lengthened a bit. I have them at the very end and it's comfy. The bra fit well I ordered the Timeless in Black. Hope they start to make other colors soon.
- Kelly M.
Love this bra. I am a curvy lady and have trouble finding bras that don't make me look much wider than I actually am. (Not to mention, a typical wide-set underwire pokes into my sides) This bra is wonderful. It brings the girls together while simultaneously pushing them up. Very slimming while still being comfortable.
- Emily H.
Every time I purchase a bra from Orlinas I say it is the best bra ever. I had purchased four bras from you over the last year. This last one makes five. It is reallly really the best bra ever! There is no other bra with more support than Orlinas bras. I am an unusual size and the fact that you make a bra that not only fits properly, but is comfortable and pretty, is amazing. Thank you!
- Roxanna C.
There is a vast improvement in the slimming and lifting but this is a lot of "bra." Meaning the back panel has a good 4-5 inches high of material across the back. Not the sexiest looking undergarment but I guess as long as I look great with my clothes on, it's doing its job.
- Robyn B.
I ordered one band size up after reading all the review. It fits perfect and I can't be happier. I am a size 36DD, and this bra is way more supportive than any other bras I can find on the market.
- Ruth D. Burkett
Great..Great..Great. Just great. The floral embroidery is always feminine. This bra adds elegance to my looks. The fit is superior, I never feel constricted. My fat is not migrating anywhere, thanks to the cups with special material. Want to wear it everyday, but need to buy a couple more of this style. I like the support that the wide under bust provides. More color please, maybe a red or pink
- Carmela Thomas
I've tried other brands and they did not live up to what they claimed but this bra did. The overall fit was perfect, the lift was great! A+
- Sharon J. White
When I buy bra, I normally test it by doing a jumping-up-and-down and arms-up test. This is the first bra I've ever tried that passed the test! It fit great and kept my girls right where I wanted them to be. It mostly stayed in place all day. I highly recommend this bra, and with Orlinas' return policy I felt okay ordering it online knowing that I could return it without a problem if needed. A+
- Naomi J. Cooke


Orlinas Returns Policy
- 100% satisfaction guarantee or return it within 30 days from your purchase date.
- Lingerie must be unworn/unwash with all tags intact.
Orlinas Exchange Policy
- Size does not fit ? Just let us know if you need an exchange.
- You will be given a return shipping label and Return Authorization number.
- Kindly ensure Lingerie is packed into the original package before shipping.

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